Vintage Footwear Buying Guide

Vintage footwear come in so many styles, shapes, and sizes. 
Boots, pumps, oxfords, sandals the possibilities are endless. 
Fit and condition are two major factors in vintage shoe shopping.

Knowing how to measure is very important.
Refer to the photos for more info on how to measure. 
You'll need a pliable tape measure to get to the interior of the shoe.

1. Measure the shoe/boot heel to toe on the exterior. Make sure you push the shoe up to a wall to include the entire length. 
2. Measure the sole on the widest part side to side, on the ball of the shoe/boot for the width. 
3. Measure the interior of the shoe/boot if you can comfortably do so, heel to toe.
4. Measure the heel height.
5. Measure the overall height of the shoe/boot from the bottom of the heel to the top.
6. Calf - for boots measured along the interior top of the boot.
7. Ankle - for boots measured on the exterior side to side.


The chart below is a guide to help you with shoe sizing. Sizes do vary according to style, age, manufacturer and country where they were made. Measure your foot, then measure the interior of the shoe. Make sure to allow room for toes and movement. Actual shoe sizes marked and measurements may not always correspond with the chart.