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Summer is here.
It's hot, we want to have fun.
What will you be doing this summer? 
Fun in the sun, picnic, swimming, concerts in the park, skateboarding, splashing in the ocean at the beach, entertaining at home?

Throwback to the 70s easy breezy skateboarding fun.

Theme parks are back, will you be hitting the roller coaster?

Picnics in the park or at the beach are great ways to share fun times, food & giggle with your friends. 

Perhaps you prefer to stay close to home and keep it simple but elegant. Simple seating, a white tablecloth can dress up any table. Add some fresh cut flowers and lights and you are ready to party in style. 

Let's get back to having fun with friends again. We hope you have a safe and beautiful summer. 
We all deserve it.  

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Art Pick-Me-Up

This morning I was flipping through the pages of one of my art books, "Swag: Rock Posters of the 90's" and I came upon the work of Bob Masse. I think he's an absolute genius, and I'm obsessed with the intricate details in his posters. Take a look below. 

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Looking back on a night of Nirvana

A friend of mine from Oregon sent me a link to a few images of Nirvana performing in 1993, which had been previously unreleased. I wasn't a huge Nirvana fan in high school (though I do recall a classmate of mine referencing the line "I miss the comfort in being sad" in a poem). That said, looks like it would have been a great concert to attend. 

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Welcome to the blog!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Here, you'll find a collection of photographs, illustrations and other interesting things that we'd like to share with you. 


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